Hire Todd

OK, so I’ve thought long and hard as to how to express myself in this topic of commerce and art.  One might have noticed that the “Hire Todd” section of my website lay dormant for a few years until now, so let’s get right to it if you are interested, shall we?

 Music is sacred.  It’s my reason for life.  Creating and recording music is simply my favorite thing in the world to do.  That being said, and hopefully taken in the gravity of which it’s intended, if you would like me to play on your music and be involved in a collaborative way–I am indeed eager to receive your correspondence and continue a dialogue that will come to fruition and result in some music making. If you are simply kicking tires and curious as to what I might charge for my services, please, don’t waste my time or yours. Life is short, time is short, and if you’d like to employ my services you will have my ear!  Serious inquires only please.


To move things forward I would expect a few things at the top.  First an email describing your project in full detail.  (for example email like “Yo, how much to play on my song?” will be totally and completely ignored.)  Please send a demo or demos of what you hope to accomplish in mp3 or mp4 formats.  The music will have to be approved by yours truly. This is because I will not have my name associated with unprofessional or sub par material–not even for a paycheck.  I reserve the right to accept or decline all offers.  If demos are unavailable then perhaps a finished file of previous work might be acceptable.  I will try to be flexible and work within your budget, and we can work out via email what the price will be for my services depending on the amount of material, etc. There will be an engineering fee up front before final tracks.  (I employ an engineer so I can concentrate fully on the music and my engineer can concentrate fully on the sounds.)  I expect song templates and stems that will work in the Pro Tools format, and that are organized, professional, and time corrected upon arrival.  Payment will be made through Paypal, and I will get the tracks done to your complete satisfaction.  (I say this within reason….having me redo something 10 times will not be cost effective from your end and believe me, I will strive to please and take your music beyond your original conception.)


Upon agreed terms, you can expect my heart and soul.  You can expect my best to elevate your music to the heights of our imaginations.  You will have access to 11 drum sets, 60 plus snare drums, 100 plus cymbals, and array of percussion, recorded on Pro Tools through two Presonus ADL600s, Neve and Focusrite mic pres, and top of the line Audix microphones.  You will receive a test mp3 for your approval of each track.  Upon approval payment will be made through Paypal and you will receive your session files.  Satisfaction guaranteed or I will redo it until you are thrilled with the results. (Again, within reason…)

So if you are seriously looking for some drum tracks, I look forward to making your acquaintance soon.  Just email me at (Aquapulserecords@aol.com)  and we can start  a dialogue.

Cheers, and best wishes for happy music making-

Todd Sucherman