Live Gear

Pearl Masterworks Styx Kit (new as of 2013)
Pearl Masterworks Drums with Bubinga in Walnut Burst, with Titanium Rose Gold plated hardware.  6″ through 12″ are 8 ply, 14″ through 20″ are 10 ply.  14″x5″ snare is 20 ply.  Center plies are Maple with Bubinga on the inside and outside.
(head sizes)
6×7 tom
8×7 tom
10×8 tom
12×8 tom
14×14 floor tom
16×16 floor tom
20×14 gong drum
14×5 20 ply snare drum
(2) 22×18 bass drums
SABIAN CYMBALS all brilliant finish
19″ AAX Extreme China
17″ AAX Vault Crash
6″ AA Splash
14″ AA Regular Hi Hats
8″ AAX Splash
19″ AAX Vault Crash
10″ AA Splash
22″ Vault Precision Ride
13″ AAX Stage Hats
18″ AAX Vault Crash
9″ Prototype Bell
10″ Chopper
22″ AAX Extreme China
20″ AAX Vault Crash
Remo clear Ambassadors top and bottom of toms
Remo clear Powerstroke 3 on bass drum batters
Custom designed Bubinga finish front heads by Drum Art at
Remo coated Ambassador snare top, Hazy Ambassador snare side
Pro Mark Todd Sucherman Autograph Series SD330W
Pearl rack, cymbal stands, throne, bass drum pedals.
Sonor Signature legless hi hat, Carmichael Throne top on Pearl base, Dunnett R-Class clamps holding mics on racks and floors.
Sabian finger cymbal
Toca tambourine
Tree Works wind chimes
Audix Mics: D2s on racks, D4s on florr toms, i5s on snare drum, D6s in bass drums and gong drum, Ax51s on hi hats, SCXA25s overheads.